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Matilda Nagayi 53years is a mother of 6, four boys and two girls. Matilda a resident of Zone 6b Muluka IV Makerere University has for the last 10 years been selling seemed maize. His biggest client base is the Makerere University Student community.

From the meager income she make from her small scale informal business, Matilda has been able to educate at least 4 of her children and one of them is currently pursuing a bachelors of Commerce degree at Makerere University.

Matilda is just one of the many millions of African women and young people that are involved in small and medium informal enterprises. These women and young people are struggling not only for timage image image image imageheir survival but also survival of their children and siblings. In Uganda for example, the unemployment rates stand at 88% among young people.

Despite the increasing unemployment rates, many women and  young people in Africa have taken a step to start a small business with hope to grow into a large scale formal business.

Today very many women and young people in Africa are innovative, enthusiastic and willing to engage in business and other social activities. 

Starting a business is not Africa’s problem. Africa’s problem is maintaining a business and growing it. Africans especially our young people and our women need to be mentored and trained in business management so they can see their informal small and medium businesses grow. 

African governments and donor agencies need to put In place mechanisms that support women like Matilda  so they can grow their small informal business into large scale enterprises. Such people need access to credit or capital to inject in their business, they need to be trained in business models like record keeping, packaging, hygiene especially for those vending food items, identifying markets, value addition, business communication among others.

Africa’s economic growth depends greatly on the success of the informal small and medium scale enterprises that have been established by the likes of Matilda and many other young people. 

Compiled by 

Patrick Mwesigye 

Local Councilor, Muluka IV 

Makkerere University 

Kampala Capital City Authority 






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