Communities must be prepared to mitigate and adapt to climate change effects.

The effects caused by climate change are increasingly becoming rampant and the most affected remain the vulnerable poor communities.

Of late we see, drought spell outs increasing with less rains, in some areas where there are rains, we see excessive rains than the usually expected that have led to flooding which have either distorted homesteads, washed a way crops or destroyed the infrastructure like roads.

The long drought spells have left excessive heat on planet earth that has a big effect to crops, pasture for livestalk, and water bodies. This is also the true meaning of global warming.

But despite the increasing effects of climate change and their impact, on communities still seem to be very unprepared to mitigate and adapt to climate change effects.

Communities are still involved in deforestation for fire wood and charcoal (fuel wood), bush burning for settlement and agriculture, pollution, wetlands are being reclaimed among others.

As environmental activists, we must stand in the gap of environmental degradation and start educating communities on issues of environmental protection and conservation.

Governments must increase vigilance in protecting environmental resources like wetlands, forests, water bodies among others.

We want #climatejuctice to be among the top priorities of the #Post2015 development agenda.






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