Kampala - Uganda

Bio: I am Patrick Mwesigye born and raised from Uganda and proud to be an African youth leader who is part of the solution to Africa's problems I am a very passionate youth activist and advocate who is dedicated and committed to ensuring that the silent voices of vulnerable young people, women and children are heard and their concerns are addressed in policy programming and decision making processes. My passions and commitment greatly lies in addressing the a cross-section of issues that directly and indirectly affect women, youths and children and these include; 1.) Sexual reproductive health and rights of young people especially the marginalized young people who are most at risk (teenage mothers, young people living with HIV, young people living with disabilities, transgender youths, young people engaged in selling sex and adolescent teenage girls) 2.) Maternal newborn and Child Health issues 3.) Issues of child protection and children's rights 4.) Youth entrepreneurship and skills development 5.) Gender equity Equality and Women Empowerment 6.) Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability 7.) Agriculture Nutrition and Food Security 8.) Peace Security and conflict Resolution 9.) Disaster Risk and Reduction. I am the founder and Team leader of the Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF) http://www.uyahf.org a youth led and youth serving organization that seek to promote meaningful youth participation in health programming and policy decision making processes. The forum also seeks to address the employment and livelihood needs of young people by empowering and equipping them with innovative, practical and entrepreneurship skills as well as skills in business management. Our employment and livelihood program also engages our young people in environmental conservation, agriculture, ICT and practical skills development. Our young people are also taken through mentorship sessions that empower them with leadership and effective communication skills. Another important component of our programming is gender equity, equality and women empowerment. (Some of the key thematic areas addressed under this program include; ending child marriages, promoting girls child education, addressing the underlying causes of gender based Violence among others) I also love leadership and politics and look foward to representing my District #Isingioro to the Ugandan Parliament come 2021. I love networking with people from across the world and always look forward to inviting them to Uganda to come and support our programs so we can learn from them and they also learn from us. I coordinate the Africa Youth and Adolescents Network on Population and Development (AfriYAN) -Uganda Chapter under UNFPA and also chair the National Task Force of the Young People's Self Coordinating Entity in the National HIV/AIDS Response under the Uganda AIDS Commission.

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